Four Ways Smart Speakers Can Help Around the House

Take advantage of an easy, hands-free home using one of many smart speakers. Living smartly has never felt or sounded so good.

Amazon, Google, or Apple? 

Being able to play music around the house elevates the mood and offers a one-of-a-kind listening experience. Make that experience a more high-quality one when you use smart speakers.

Smart speakers are wireless speakers with a voice command feature and integrated virtual assistant. They offer interactive actions and hands-free activation with the help of a single “wake word.” Amazon Echo Dot, Apple HomePod, Google Assistant are just a few of the big name brands, but which do you prefer? This article will delve into 4 ways smart speakers can help you around the house.

If you’ve lost your phone, but need to order something off of Prime, your Amazon Echo is there to help…

1. Have a Helping Hand in the Kitchen

Cooking can be a lot of work – your hands may be tied up chopping or dipping into Thanksgiving stuffing. If you need a timer set without dirtying the microwave door, why not call out to your smart speaker and let it help? Your voice is their command.

A difficult conversion from cups to ounces keeping you running back and forth? Simply let your smart speaker know. Amazon’s Alexa speaker will also help you with a shopping list if you need a little inspiration on what to cook. If you’ve lost your phone, but need to order something off of Prime, your Amazon Echo is there to help make that purchase as well. All you need is a WiFi connection, and you are all set! 

2. Start Your Day Right

Smart speakers do more than just order your groceries. They can also help you start and end your day in a way that benefits you the most – which means waking up just got a whole lot better.

Have an alarm set without needing to reach around for your phone when you get up? Simply mention the “wake word” of your smart speaker, plus “set an alarm,” and the virtual assistant will set the appropriate time for you to wake up, along with your preferred song or sound of choice. Choose whether you want to disable the alarm with your voice or touching the screen. If you forget what time your alarm has been set, just ask!

Get updates on traffic, weather, and the news before your morning commute. Access your calendar and have your appointments announced before you walk out the door. These speakers take the hands-free operation very seriously.

3. End Your Day Bright

As the day ends, you make your way back home and into bed. Set the atmosphere in your bedroom, and ask your smart speaker to turn off or dim the lights for you. Pair your speaker with an appropriate smart lightbulb (like the Philips Hue Lightbulb and Amazon Alexa) for the most comfortable descent into dreamland. 

4. Listening to Music Just Got a Whole Lot Better

You can use your preferred device anywhere as a Bluetooth speaker too, starting in the living room – and all you have to do is ask. With its streaming capability, you can even stream music to other speakers for a better sound. Listen to just about anything from any genre you like. Be the host with the most as you prime your guest’s ears with music presented or something similar of quality. Sync your Spotify, iHeartRadio, or Pandora play lists – you name it! Listen to those podcasts in the car on the way to work or at home while cleaning. It even has predictive capabilities that will link you to related playlists if you ask to play a certain genre. Take music listening to the next level. 

For a list of the best smart speakers of this year, take a look at this list. See which brand fits your lifestyle and home the best, and start listening. 

Photo by Dpin on Adobe Stock.

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