How Smart Lighting Can Elevate Your Home

Take your home to the next level with an elevated design through smart lighting and a home lighting system. Home is where the heart is, but you can do a lot more than just brightening up that space.

A Little Bit Of Lighting Never Hurt

Decorating your home doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated.

Interior designers spend hundreds of dollars and time in choosing the right paint, furniture, and scenescapes for your perfect home.

For a quicker, easier way to elevate your home, choose Smart Lighting instead. These energy-efficient light bulbs will turn any typical, monotonous home into an opulent dreamscape with a tap of your finger on your smartphone. 

How Smart Lighting Can Elevate Your Home

1. Let Light and Shade Be Your Guide

Lighting and shading are two integral parts of any interior design that could be heavy on your wallet. With an integrated smart lighting solution, program your lighting and shading scenes for any occasion with one click.

Smart lighting leads to energy savings – something you would never notice with regular lighting.

Create ambient light for a romantic dinner at home or change the colors for a holiday party. Need a piece of artwork to be spotlighted? Aim the smart lighting directly at it to create the perfect centerpiece for the room. This draws the eye immediately to give any visitors or clients a great first impression.

2. A Convenient, Minimalist Look

Smart lighting is versatile in control; you no longer have to rely on a dedicated wall switch for lighting. Let’s be honest – sometimes you just don’t want to get out of bed after a long day of work. 

Control your lights from your chair, another room, or even from another state. Each device is customizable to your personal preference. 

All smart light bulbs can be controlled wirelessly through their specific apps on any smartphone or tablet. Turn off the lights at night or in the kids’ rooms when you are ready. 

Dim the lights if you need to watch a movie. You can even say the command if you link your smart lighting to a compatible Bluetooth speaker like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or even Siri. 

3. Make Your Home Smart and Green

Smart lighting leads to energy savings – something you would never notice with regular lighting. By combining smart lighting with smart window shades, you can maximize the sun’s free natural light and use less electricity. 

Smart light bulbs last up to 25 times longer than traditional ones and run cooler than their counterparts. Revolutionize your home’s lighting in a way that slashes the cost. 

4. An Extrasensory Experience

You’ve probably never thought that smart lighting could protect you from criminal activity, right? 

Smart lighting combined with a smart lighting system with motion sensors can provide warnings when someone is pulling up to the driveway, or when your little ones get up in the middle of the night. The feature is totally customizable to you, so take advantage of turning your home smart. 

A motion sensor can turn a hallway light on so your child can see if they need to use the bathroom. If your home theater is in the basement, but you need to run and get more snacks, have the smart lighting system light up the stairs as you get more refreshments. If you want to get really technical, program your lights to turn on with your preferred shade of color whenever you receive text messages or notifications from social media. 

The creative possibilities are endless with smart lighting, as they are not just something to turn on and off anymore. You are the artist and your home is your canvas. Create the perfect landscape for your home so it can be your greatest escape today.

Photo courtesy of denis_smirnov on Adobe Stock.

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