3 Must-Have Equipment For Your Smart Gym

Health and wellness are vital to a better lifestyle. Keeping up at the gym can be costly with memberships and travel time. Take your home gym game to the next level with these three recommended smart gym gadgets!

Ever Heard Of Smart Gym Gadgets?

We all know about FitBits and watches that track our steps; it’s a fun way to stay active. But did you know that smart gym gadgets actually exist? Imagine having smarter and more efficient gear you can use at home instead of going to the gym. This is smart tech that is meant to be used when you workout.

Tonal will use all of your personal data and preferences to monitor the quality of each rep, spot you if you’re struggling, and measure your progress in real-time.

As smart products go, they make your life easier by keeping you connected to real-time improvement in your health. Tracking your health status has never been easier, and enhancing your workouts has never been more effective — until now. Read on for the three best gadgets you should equip in your home’s smart gym. 

3 Must-Have Equipment For Your Home’s Smart Gym

1. Tonal System – The World’s Most Intelligent Fitness System

Smarten your strength training now, and enhance your home workouts with this training system. 

Have fitness goals but don’t have the time to get to the gym? Are personal trainers too expensive? 

Tonal will use all of your personal data and preferences to monitor the quality of each rep, spot you if you’re struggling, and measure your progress in real-time. 

Gain access to a personalized, science-based training unlike any other. Work out like a professional athlete and get stronger each time. This is where strong meets smart, and its tech is totally dialed into you. Offering smarter workouts, continual measuring, and dynamic resistance, take your home gym to the highest of levels.

2. Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle With Connected Smart Lid

Hydration is key to working out and oftentimes we may forget to drink water as we load up on protein powders and lean meal preps. Water is essential to our overall health and bodily functions, and if you’re having a tough time getting the right amount you need, start tracking your goal with this device. 

The Thermos 24oz Hydration Bottle contains a 12-hour battery life, custom hydration calculator and measures the intake of liquids with real-time temperature readings. Based on your personal data, you will know when to rehydrate yourself and how much. Pair this bottle up with a FitBit and watch your results flow.

3. Skulpt Scanner Performance Training System

Here’s something that is best for measuring body fat percentage and offers an in-depth muscle analysis. This smart gym gadget is an outstanding tracker that details stats regarding your physical activity and fitness. It measures body fat in 24 different areas of your body and provides everything you need to know about your muscles. With nifty workout tips and guidance, you can easily build more muscle, boost your strength, or burn some fat. For the strength trainers out there, this device is for you.

Whether you start or end your day with a workout, your progress should always be recorded as a way to guide your next workout. The convenience of a smart gym is so that you don’t have to travel very far or pay for a membership. 

As an added bonus, check yourself with this smart scale so that you can set more personal goals for yourself. It tracks multiple statistics and figures, connects data to your mobile device, and is visually appealing. Don’t forget to pair your workout with any wearable device and smart speaker for dynamic, personalized workouts, 24/7 heart monitoring, and friendly competition. 

Live your best life with a smart gym whose products actually work.

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