How To Use The Tonal Smart Gym System

This article will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to use the Tonal Smart Gym System. Be your own personal trainer and have an entire gym on your wall at home.

The Tonal Smart Gym System is the first home fitness system that offers a science-based training worthy of professional athletes. Its advanced intelligence monitors your workouts. How? It measures the quality of your reps, sets, range of motion, time under tension, power, and volume, then compares it to the quantity. Automatically have your training programs adjust over time for a stronger body. Your progress goals will always be displayed on the screen.

Step 1: Strong Meets Smart

Mount your Tonal Gym System in a place where you have space to operate a full-body workout. Sometimes, you don’t want to get in the car and head to the gym; the convenience of having your personalized workouts at home is perfect. If you didn’t think you could work out smarter, now you can! If you’re looking to gain strength, improve athletic performance, lose weight, or be healthier, Tonal will help get you there.

Step 2: Take a Strength Assessment

Take a quick strength assessment before you begin so Tonal can recommend weights and movements based on your current fitness level. That way, it can help you get to where you want to be. This smart machine takes the guesswork out of strength training; it is your own personal, versatile, virtual, and durable personal trainer. 

Step 3: Choose A Video To Start

Now it’s time to begin. That gym across town is now across your room. A monthly $49 subscription is required for intelligent video coaching with workouts filmed in their San Francisco studio. Got it? Great! If not, no worries. Just know that the coach-led videos help in adjusting weight, instruction, and pace that match your needs. 

Pick a goal and commit to the program. These coaches will give you the right training, and you’ll never have to worry if you’re doing the exercises right. With hundreds of hours of world-class instruction from elite coaches, these pros range in philosophies and personality types. They’ll surely keep you motivated and on track as different exercises pop up each day. 

It’s easy to build muscle, tone up, increase your athletic performance, boost your cardio, and stretch & recover with their built-in yoga program. It may seem like a huge investment at first, but it could save a ton more in the long run.

New exercises are added daily to keep your progress fresh and fun. Getting stuck in a routine can be boring, so get fit with all-new workouts, all of the time.

Step 4: Let Data Do The Heavy Lifting

There is a variety of workouts, programs, and classes that Tonal offers. Step-by-step coaching offers you maximum results out of every move. Complement your everyday activities with this data. For the multi-week programs offered, choose from a variety of them to reach your fitness goals. Something new that is coming to the Tonal System is live classes recorded by coaches that you can tune into. It really does do everything your ordinary gym would do! 

Step 5: Add A Splash Of Music

Whatever genre of music you are into, use the Tonal Radio to accompany your workouts when you don’t feel like listening to coaching. Whether it’s country, rock n’ roll, or anything else that has a beat, Tonal has you covered.

Step 6: Purchase The Tonal Accessory Kit For An Added Bonus 

Want the best tonal experience ever? You can purchase the Tonal Accessory Kit equipped with smart handles and a bar with buttons to quickly and conveniently turn the weights on and off. The smart handles include 6-axis gyroscopes to measure your movement in three dimensions. The included bench is light, durable, and aesthetically-pleasing to the smart home scenescape. It is also a little longer and lower to the ground, perfect for a wider variety of exercises like step-ups and leg-elevated movements. The mat is durable and can bear loads of heavy strength training. It is also comfortable for kneeling lifts and floor exercises. The rope and roller extend your exercise variety even further. 

Here’s a hint: finance the Tonal Smart Gym System so the accessories, installation, and membership come included. It’s only $199/month over 24 months with Affirm Pay. 

That’s It!

Let us know what you think after you try your first workout. Check out some of the reviews here and innovate your workouts today!

Photo courtesy of Tonal.

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