Airia by P&G to Soon Bring Automated Scenting to Your Smart Home

Imagine controlling what your living room or kitchen smells like with Alexa, and that’s what you’ll get with Airia, a new line of smart diffusers soon to hit households.

Lately we’ve noticed growth in a new niche within the smart home industry–devices that are designed to automate what your homes smell like. Smart diffusers, as they’re called, are already seeing traction in many smart homes.  

AIRIA, a P&G company, is soon joining the smart diffuser scene and will offer up to six different fragrances using its own patented SmartJetTM technology. Fragrances are stored in individual cartridges, and, according to AIRIA, can provide scent to up to 2,500 square feet of space and last 600 hours each. Initial flavors at launch include Kiwano Quench, Summer Sunshine, White Orchid, Cashmere, Cloudberry, and Sweet Embrace. 

For now, it appears that control of AIRIA will only be available by Amazon Alexa or the company’s native app. Controllable settings include a lot of what we’re used to seeing from smart sensing devices like Nest Learning Thermostat, such as being able to set automated schedules based on whether you’re home or away. 

We’re all about smart lighting in the household, which is why we’re giving AIRIA props for including customizable ambiance lighting as a feature. There’s nothing more delightful and entertaining as having your room look a little like how it smells. 

Other smart diffusers that have established themselves in this niche include Moodo, another diffuser that utilizes cartridges to dispense home scents, and Aera (unrelated to Airia). Both Moodo and Aera offer voice control by Amazon Alexa and through their native apps, while Moodo offers additional integrations with Google Assistant and Siri.

Once we get our hands on an AIRIA, we’ll be sure to give you a hands-on guide to what it can do to help spice up your home’s scent and mood. 

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