Artio Lifestyle Lighting, Sonic by Hero Labs and Caavo Control Center: 3 Innovative Products from CEDIA Innovation Alley on Day 2

On day 2 of CEDIA Expo, we explored Innovation Alley and discovered some exciting new smart home products being exhibited. Here are 3 stand-out products that we liked enough to write about.

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On day 2 of CEDIA Expo, the yearly meetup for smart home industry professionals and the installer community, the show continued to bring brands, consumers, and installers together through exciting product showcases.

Yesterday, we took a walk down Innovation Alley to bring you this guide to 3 of the coolest new smart home products exhibiting at CEDIA: Artio Lifestyle Lighting, Sonic by Hero Labs, and the Caavo Control Center.

1. Artio Lifestyle Lighting

Artio Lifestyle Lighting, previously Lumenilaire Landscape Lighting, is an integrated outdoor lighting system that aims to provide homeowners the perfect outdoor lighting for every occasion. Users can control the lighting’s color and intensity from the system’s accompanying smartphone app, giving their home a more distinct presence. The primary purpose of this system is to give consumers the ability to control every aspect of their home’s lighting under one integrated interface.

Artio offers dozens of smart lighting products which can all be integrated with the system, including puck lights, deck lights, pathlights, flood lights, strip lights, and underwater lights. 

According to an Artio spokesperson, the company’s vision is to “supply nightly entertainment in a home environment” through the use of light. A list of integration partners can be viewed here.

2. Sonic by Hero Labs

When Krystian Zajac started Hero Labs, his aim was to create something that would solve real-life problems. That problem was leak detection, and the newly-announced water leak detector, Sonic, was designed to meet a very real need in the market. According to Zajac, water leaks cause more home damage than fire and theft combined, yet only 3% of homes are equipped with a leak detection solution. Sonic, an ultra-smart leak detection and prevention system, is expected to be 10 times more accurate at detecting water dripping than turbine-based meters. 

As soon as Sonic detects a small leak, it will shut down the water supply to reduce damage. Users can also check up on their home from anywhere through the mobile app and get real-time alerts for leaks and unusual water patterns. 

Sonic is currently projected to be released internationally in 2020. Interested consumers can register for updates here.

3. Caavo Control Center

According to CEO Andrew Einaudi, Caavo was driven by this question: “Can we build a super-smart HDMI switch?”. The innovative Control Center + Universal Remote that he and his team brought to life certainly is intelligent. Designed to simplify everything connected to your TV, Caavo allows users to control everything with one remote. That means Netflix, Hulu, Xfinity and YouTube can all be searched and accessed under one simple and streamlined system.

Users can also speak directly to their TV with the name of a series or channel that they’d like to watch and Control Center will take them directly there, offering a universal search across multiple channels. The Caavo Control mobile app offers remote access to the TV no matter how far you are from home, and parents can keep an eye on what their kids are watching. Compatible with most TV systems, the Caavo Control Center + Universal Remote can be purchased here for $59.95.

There’s one more day left at CEDIA Expo 2019. Check back tomorrow for 3 more products of note that are being showcased at the expo as we continue to explore the show floor.

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