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Google Nest, Nest x Yale, Konnected: 3 Exciting Products Exhibiting at CEDIA Day 1

Over 500 exhibitors showcased their smart home innovations on day 1 of CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado. These are the three products stood out the most to us.

CEDIA Expo, the yearly meetup for smart home industry professionals and the installer community, offers brands the premier platform to engage the home and B2B tech community by showcasing their latest products. While each of the exhibits at CEDIA offers something new and innovative, there were three that caught our attention the most on day 1 here in Denver, Colorado: the Google Nest Hub Max, the Nest x Yale Lock and the Konnected Alarm Panel

1. Google Nest Hub Max

Released on September 9, the Google Nest Hub Max is one of 2019’s most anticipated smart home products. Its predecessor, the Google Nest Hub, is a 7-inch touch-screen HD smart display released in October 2018 that allows users to display Google Photos, watch YouTube, find and display recipes, listen to music and more. The all-new Nest Hub Max takes an already successful product and makes it even more user-friendly, entertaining and integrated. 

Featuring a 10-inch HD display, a built-in Nest Cam and incredibly powerful speakers, this innovative smart display product drew a lot of attention at day 1 of CEDIA. The camera is one of the Nest Hub Max’s most anticipated features, allowing users to make video calls, leave video messages, and keep an eye on their home while away. The Nest Hub Max can be purchased here for $229 and is available in colors chalk and charcoal.

2. Nest x Yale Lock

Known for their unprecedented safety and convenience, smart locks are a relatively simple technology that have been on the market for a while, but there’s never been a smart lock quite like Nest x Yale. Yale, one of the oldest international lock manufacturers and Nest, Google’s line of connected home products, have come together to create a fully-integrated key-free deadbolt lock. 

Released in 2018, this connected smart lock allows users to lock and unlock their door from anywhere, give trusted people a passcode to enter the home on their own, and keep track of who comes and goes. Other notable features include the ability to check whether their door is locked or unlocked through the Nest app or hands-free with Google Assistant. Available in brass, bronze, and nickel finishes for $279, the Nest x Yale lock can be purchased here

3. Konnected Alarm Panel

Launched on Kickstarter just 2 years ago, the Konnected Alarm Panel is an alarm system conversion kit that’s designed to “convert a wired alarm system into a fully integrated smart home security solution.” According to Konnected representatives, millions of homes are already wired for security systems, but these systems are outdated. This is where the Konnected Alarm Panel comes into play, connecting your existing alarm system to a compatible home automation hub.

This easy-to-install smart security product works with a variety of smart home platforms, including Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, SmartThings, Home Assistant, Hubitat, MQTT, Mozilla IoT, and openHAB. The newest Konnected Alarm Panel models include the Konnected Alarm Panel 2 and the Alarm Panel Pro, both of which are ready for presale. Starting at $89 and offered as a 6, 12, 18, or 24 zone kit, the Konnected Alarm Panel aims to make an old wired system smart. 

There’s still much to see at this year’s CEDIA. We’ll be sure to update you on days 2 and 3 about our favorite products as we explore more of the expo. 

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