Savvy Smart Mirror, DoorBird, Colorbeam Lighting: 3 Innovative Products From CEDIA’s Last Day

CEDIA 2019 came to a close with an exciting final day of exhibitions and connections. Here are the top 3 products that we discovered while exploring the convention.

CEDIA Expo, the annual trade show for the connected home industry, enables industry attendees to engage the consumer and B2B smart home community by showcasing the latest innovations and ready-for-market products. Each of the exhibits at CEDIA offer something new and innovative, but there were three products that stood out for us during the expo’s last day: the Savvy Smart Mirror, DoorBird, and Colorbeam Lighting.

1. Savvy Smart Mirror

Built to seamlessly blend design and function, the Savvy Smart Mirror from Electric Mirror is an integrated mirror that promises to bring the digital world together in one stunning display. 

Compatible with any Android-based app and the voice assistant of the user’s preference, this sleek and simple command center can be connected with your entire smart home, allowing you to adjust your home environment and monitor your home’s security from one hub. Users can also watch TV, browse social media, monitor their commute, find recipe inspiration and so much more, right from their mirror. When the 22” 1080P HD LCD display turns off, the display completely disappears and users are left with a beautiful mirror on their living room, bathroom, or office wall. 

Interested buyers can expect to pay somewhere around $6,000 for a base model of the Savvy Smart Mirror. Those interested in making a commercial order can request a quote here, but consumers can visit their showroom locator here to find a local dealer. 

2. DoorBird

DoorBird is one of the most dynamic video doorbells on the market, allowing users to answer their door from anywhere with exemplary functionality. 

Compatible with many smart home platforms, DoorBell promises to provide unprecedented control over one’s front door no matter where they are. Have an August smart lock? With DoorBird, you can remotely view who’s at your door and unlock the door for approved visitors, and that’s just the beginning of DoorBird’s integration capabilities. More than just a video doorbell, DoorBird is a smart door intercom, allowing users to speak directly to anyone who’s at their door, right from their smartphone. Safety comes first with DoorBird, which provides a visitor history containing a snapshot, date and time to be accessed anywhere and anytime with no monthly fees. 

Over 100,000 people already use DoorBird, which has been installed in more than 160 countries since 2010. Featuring HD video, a 180° wide-eyed hemispheric lens, a 4D motion sensor and infrared night vision, this product promises to ensure that you never miss a visitor. There are several models of DoorBird available, but the cheapest currently starts at $384 and is available for direct purchase to both consumers and installers. 

3. Colorbeam Lighting System

Smart lighting products have been on the market for a while, but there’s never been a smart lighting solution quite like Colorbeam, an innovative low-voltage integrated lighting system that promises to put design and wellness first. 

Colorbeam Lighting aims to deliver any mood setting at any time of day, with the ability to mimic natural sunlight, which can improve the mood and overall health of a home’s inhabitants. This lighting system also offers infinite color options, allowing homeowners to enhance their space with any color of their choosing at just the press of a button. Tunable, controllable and dimmable, Colorbeam Lighting is one of the most customizable smart lighting products available, putting incredible power in homeowners’ hands over the atmosphere of their space. 

Offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting products that can be integrated into one smart lighting solution, Colorbeam aims to transform spaces through the power of light. This low-voltage lighting system is powered and controlled over network CAT cable, offering ease of installation in any application. A list of Colorbeam’s products can be viewed here, and interested consumers and installers can contact them here to inquire about adding these products to their smart lighting system. 

Looking for more smart products from CEDIA? Check out our articles on the top products from Day 1 and Day 2.

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