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Using Tile in Your Smart Home with Google Home or Amazon Echo

Tile, the pocket-sized, Bluetooth-enabled, small-item tracking solution, may be a worthy add-on within your smart home. We’ll show you what it’s all about and how it can integrate with your Google or Amazon-controlled smart home.

About Tile

Tile, maker of the miniature, pocket-sized squares that attach to your most valuable items to provide real-time tracking information, can now be found in over 230 countries. There are 3 models to choose from: the entry-level Tile Mate, the Tile Slim, and the higher-end version, the Tile Pro. 

Is the Tile right for you and your smart home? Let’s find out.

The Three T’s: Tile Mate, Tile Slim, and Tile Pro

Each of the three Tile models offers something unique for its price point. Both the Tile Mate ($18.99, Amazon) and the Tile Pro ($27.90, Amazon) come with a keyring hole, and were clearly designed with your keychain in mind. The Tile Slim ($30, Amazon), like its name implies, offers a thinner, albeit taller and wider solution than its siblings, and is ideal for use in space-limiting situations, such as a back pocket or the credit card slot in your wallet. 

The Tile Pro packs a heavier weight and offers longer range (300 feet vs 150 for the Mate and 100 for the Slim) than its lower-priced siblings, and comes in either a black or white-colored option. Both the Tile Mate and Tile Slim are available in white only. 

Tile Premium: Extra Protection

Tile also offers a subscription-based feature, Tile Premium, that offers unique perks like free batteries every year (to Mate and Pro models only), an extended warranty of up to three years, and in-app alerts that keep you updated on certain events, like, for instance, leaving your house. 

Using Tile in Daily Life

Attach a Tile to your keychain, use Tile to find your phone, slide a Tile Slim inside your wallet or carry-on luggage, or even insert it onto a bike or drone. Tile then promises to provide you with audible tunes that alert you to its physical location. 

Tile even informs you when your Tile was last seen by your app so you can retrace your steps (like you would typically do when looking for a lost item). A built-in proximity sensor is another feature that helps to give you visual and audio clues on whether you’re closer or further away from the Tile as you use the app to locate it.

Using Tile in Your Smart Home

Photo courtesy of Tile, Inc.

Finally, within your smart home, you can skip using your cell phone or tablet and directly ask your preferred smart home’s AI where specific Tiles are located. 

Setup for both Google Home and Amazon Alexa require signing into your Tile account

Once signed in, you can use voice commands to ring your Tile, find your phone, or show you the last known location of your Tile. 

For Google Home, just say “Ok, Google, ask Tile…”, and the following commands are applicable. For Amazon Echo, you can say “Alexa, ask Tile…”, and the following commands, and Alexa will do your bidding. 

For detailed instructions on setting up Tile to work with all smart assistants, including Siri, visit here.

Photo courtesy of Your Best Digs from Flickr.

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