The SmartLDR’s Buyer’s Guide To Smart Locks

Alongside smart lighting, smart locks are some of the most popular smart devices around. They offer easy home security and add convenience for you and your whole family. In this article, we'll review the five best smart locks currently available.

Nest x Yale Lock: Best Google Home Integration

Photo courtesy of Yale.

The Nest x Yale smart lock was created collaboratively by Google Nest and Yale, a leading smart lock company. It’s priced at $279, making it one of the more expensive options on the list.

It’s also one of the better-looking locks, with a simple and classy design. You’ll quickly notice the lack of a keyhole, which is intentional; this smart lock is only able to be opened through a PIN, app, or smart home device.

For the dedicated Google fan who wants consistent, easy-to-use products that are made to work with one another, this is the best option available. Just bear in mind that the quality of the lock is reflected by its high price.

Schlage Encode Smart Deadbolt: The Most Features

Photo courtesy of Schlage.

The Schlage Encode Smart Deadbolt is a smart lock with a feature-rich, classic design. It’s priced at around $250, putting it in the mid-to-high price range. For that price, you get a smart lock solution that is packed to the brim with capabilities.

The Schlage Deadbolt integrates with Google and Amazon smart products, so most shouldn’t have a problem in that department. The touchpad allows you to add up to 100 access codes for friends and family, and built-in alarm technology will instantly let you know if anyone tampers with it.

If you want the most bang for your buck and aren’t too concerned with looks, this is a straightforward smart lock with every feature you could ask for.

August Smart Lock: A Budget-Friendly Option

Photo courtesy of August.

The August Smart Lock is a budget-friendly solution for those who only need the basics. It’s priced at just ​$200 for WiFi and smart assistant integration, making it the most affordable option on the list.

Despite its low cost, the August Smart Lock comes with everything you need. It has autolock and unlock capabilities, can be controlled locally through Bluetooth, includes DoorSense, and offers unlimited virtual keys. Plus, it can retrofit to your existing locks.

While it may not have as many features as some of the competition, it includes the fundamentals that most buyers are looking for. This is a great option for those on a budget.

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock: Old Design, New Possibilities

Photo courtesy of Scott Lewis from Flickr.

For those who prefer the look and feel of traditional locks but still want the ease of a smart lock, there’s the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock. It’s priced at $220, making it a great entry-level product for those just starting with smart home technology.

The Kevo Smart Lock doesn’t have a keypad, so the only indicator from the outside that it’s a smart lock is an LED blue ring around the lock. Instead of a keypad, Kevo unlocks when a registered Bluetooth device comes within close range of the lock.

Because it lacks a keypad, sharing access with guests can be a little cumbersome, and the app itself is less straightforward than others. However, for the tech minimalist, this is a great pick.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect: The Best For Guests

Photo courtesy of August.

For those with frequent company, there’s the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect. It’s another pricey option, at around ​$230 without the Connect addition, which enables WiFi and smart device integration.

With the Connect service, it works with every smart home hub on the market and comes with all of the features you expect from a high-end smart lock. The design and installation are both equally simple, and best of all, it comes with unlimited virtual keys. This makes sharing access with guests (like renters or company) easy and secure.

If you need the flexibility of easy guest access with the power of a high-end smart lock, the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is the way to go.

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