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6 Ways Google Home Can Help You Stay Productive

Technology is notorious for making us lazy and distracted, but Google Home breaks the mold by improving productivity. Here’s how.

Google Home is known for its powerful ability to make life easier. Although technology in general is thought to lower productivity, smart technology like Google Home, a speaker and home assistant, breaks the mold by offering numerous features designed to boost productivity. Whether you keep your speaker at home or in the office, these 6 Google Home commands and features will help you get more stuff done.

1. Create calendar events

It’s hard to be fully productive when your time management skills are falling behind, but a digital calendar can help. Use your Google Home to tell Assistant, “Add to my calendar” with the date, name, and location of the event. The event will instantly be added to your calendar without you having to lift a finger. 

This has all the benefits of keeping track of events in your head – minus the forgetting part.

2. Check on your agenda

Once your calendar is up and running, you can take a peek at your agenda by asking Assistant about upcoming events. Try these questions:

  • “What’s my first event tomorrow?”
  • “When is my next dentist appointment?”
  • “Show me my appointments for Wednesday afternoon.”
  • “What does my day look like on Thursday?”
  • “When is my next event?”
  • “What’s on my agenda today?”

3. Remember specific facts

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a hard time remembering everything that there is to be remembered, which is why Google Home’s functions include the ability to remember anything you tell it. 

For example, if you find yourself constantly forgetting the wi-fi password, just tell Assistant “Hey Google, remember that my wi-fi password is querty123,” or if you’re always struggling to remember your niece’s birthday, just say “Ok Google, remember that Hannah’s birthday is on May 6th.” Then, once you need to recall that information, just ask Assistant, “Hey Google, what’s my WiFi password?” or “Hey Google, when is Hannah’s birthday?” You’ll never have to sift through your notes – or your memory – again. 

4. Set reminders

Possibly the most important aspect of productivity is being able to remember everything that you need to do for the day. To take full advantage of this, just ask Assistant, “Hey Google, remind me to do [task] at [time].” When the time arrives, Google Home will sound a chime and let you know that it has a reminder. 

Have a hub with a smart display, like the Google Nest Hub? Your device will go a step further by displaying a full-screen visual of the reminder, so you’ll always stay informed. 

5. Set timers

Timers can keep you on top of your time management, and having instant voice-controlled access to one right at your desktop can be incredibly useful. 

Whether you want a reminder to get up to stretch every 30 minutes or you want to allot one hour to a specific task, Google Home can help. Just tell Assistant to set a timer for a specified amount of time and you’re all set. 

6. Send texts and make phone calls

For those who struggle with distraction, sending a text or making a phone call can be a much more time-consuming task than it should be. If you find yourself browsing Twitter or sifting through your inbox each time you reach for your phone, you’ll probably benefit from Google Home’s hands-free text and call function. 

To send a text, just tell Assistant, “Text,” followed by your contact’s name. When prompted, say your message aloud, check for accuracy, and you’re all set! Making a phone call is even easier – simply tell Assistant to call a specific contact, and you’ll have your very own operator right at your desk. Multitasking has never been simpler.

No matter what’s holding you back from being productive, Google Home can help. Try out some of these productivity-boosting features, and let us know what you think. 

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