Top 5 Exhibits at CEDIA 2019

Missed this year’s CEDIA Expo? We’ve got you covered with the top 5 exhibits at CEDIA 2019.

From September 12-14 in Denver, CEDIA Expo filled the Colorado Convention Center with hundreds of captivating exhibits displaying the newest and most innovative products in the connected home industry. 

When discussing what’s most valued in an exhibit’s branding and booth design, CEDIA representative Walt Zerbe explained “This is how the dealer internalizes how they’ll present the product to the customer,” and we certainly agree. When browsing the halls of CEDIA, what stood out most to us was how well the brand communicated what their products aim to do, how aesthetically pleasing the exhibit’s design was, and how welcoming the exhibit was to visitors to explore their products and spark conversation.

Out of every exhibit we visited, these five impressed us the most:

1. Google Nest

Google Nest

Google Nest’s showcase of both their latest products and less-recent releases drew a large crowd on each day of CEDIA, and for good reason. Rather than just laying out their products on a table for visitors to peruse, Google Nest developed a fully-furnished demo home display featuring their most innovative products in a modern, minimalistic and integrated layout. This allowed visitors to discover new ways to use and integrate their Google Nest products in their homes. 

Friendly representatives dressed in Google-themed gear were ready to provide demonstrations or answer questions as needed, creating an interactive and welcoming exhibition that never failed to fuel conversation, connection, and ideas.

2. Vivint


Seamlessly blending design and function, Vivint’s popular exhibit channeled the modern techy craftsperson, bringing both consumers and industry professionals together to brainstorm their perfect smart home. 

Featuring an artisan visual design, interactive information screens and a display of Vivint’s latest automation and security products, this exhibit allowed visitors to fully immerse themselves in an engaging model home. Lawn chairs in the front “lawn” invited visitors to sit down for a chat about how Vivint’s products and services can enhance their home. 

3. Klipsch


Speaker and home audio brand Klipsch displayed their latest products with an intuitively-designed exhibit that felt truly inviting. A small meeting space covered with a crafty light display invited visitors in to chat and connect about all things smart sound tech.

Featuring large wall displays of their audio products and information on how each can be integrated with their other products, this contemporary exhibit combined form and function that never failed to inspire. 

4. Media Decor

Media Decor

As a design-focused brand, Media Decor put style first when designing their stunning display of their newest technology design products. This fashion-forward tech brand broke the mold with a contemporary black backsplash to immerse visitors in a world where luxury design and integrated tech go hand-in-hand. 

Media Decor’s exhibit made their products front-and-center, letting the design do all the talking. A soft string light display and potted plants added warmth, inviting visitors to browse, chat and get inspired.

5. Ring


Busy expo attendees don’t always have time to wait for a representative to be available to chat and answer questions, which is exactly why Ring put information first in their engaging product exhibit. Featuring a minimalistic design and physical examples of their products, this exhibit told as much information as it could in as little space possible, making it perfect for the no-frills attendee. 

Most importantly, Ring made an effort to clearly communicate which products could be integrated and in which way. With interactive screens scattered throughout the display, this exhibit seamlessly combined classic design and modern tech, putting simplicity and functionality first. 

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