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Live Demo with the All-New Google Nest Hub Max

We give you a first-hand look at the new Google Nest Hub Max at this year’s CEDIA Expo. Check out our quick demo on what this device can do to make your home more integrated than ever before.

Released on September 9, the all-new Google Nest Hub Max makes an already-successful smart display product even more entertaining, user-friendly and integrated. We briefly got our hands on one from a helpful Google Nest representative at this year’s CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado to give you a first-hand look at what this anticipated product can do. 


At first glance, the Nest Hub Max is somewhat indistinguishable from the Nest Hub, a 7-inch touch-screen HD smart display released just last year. However, it takes just one more look at the Nest Hub Max to realize that this is no ordinary smart display. 

Bult-in Nest Cam

What sets this new model apart is its 10-inch HD display, a built-in Nest Cam and incredibly powerful speakers. It’s clear that Google aims to make Nest as integrated as possible, and the new Nest Hub Max is just one more way to do that. Let’s dive a little deeper into what that looks like.

Size, Sound & Display

Google Nest Hub Max and its many integrations.

The Nest Hub Max puts integration at the forefront of its interface, allowing users to swipe down from the home screen to view the status of all of their home’s smart devices, putting incredible control in their hands. Although this feature isn’t exclusive to the Nest Hub Max, this new model’s larger HD display puts integration front-and-center of the user’s home.

The larger display makes this new device ideal for a room where you’ll be more likely to view the screen from far away, like the kitchen or living room. It’s easier than ever to use voice control while still being able to see the display, and the Nest Hub Max’s 2.1 speaker arrangement offers a significant improvement from its predecessor’s sound quality, further allowing for hands-free use across the room.

Integration & Camera

Are your garage lights on? Google Nest Hub Max will show you.

Users can browse each room in their home, checking on whether their kitchen lights are on, whether the living room TV is on, whether the front door is locked, and anything else that is connected to the Nest integration system, allowing the user to toggle their smart home devices on and off right from their smart display. 

One notable feature of the new Nest Hub Max is the built-in 6.5MP Nest camera. If a user has multiple Nest Hub Max models scattered throughout their home, they can easily check in on other rooms of their house right from their smart display as they swipe through each of their connected rooms. If you have a Nest Aware account, you can view a live feed through your Nest Hub Max’s security camera from anywhere using the smartphone app, which also offers intruder alerts. 

This camera also supports Google Duo video calls, Face Match for up to six people and gestures such as raising your hand to pause or play audio, adding to the hands-free smart home experience we’ve come to know and love.

Entertainment Features

Music, movies, and more on the Google Nest Hub Max.

The original Google Nest Hub was celebrated for its innovation in smart small-screen entertainment, including the ability to access YouTube, display Google Photos and play music. The all-new Nest Hub Max features all of that and more in a stunning user-friendly display. Although much of the Nest Hub’s original interface remains, the newest model is all about a bright and bold display for a home that’s more connected to its inhabitants than ever before. 

Not sure what you want your Nest Hub Max to do? Just say “Hey Google, show me what you can do,” and your Nest Hub Max will display the simple and helpful screen shown above, offering dozens of ideas on new ways to use your connected home interface. 

What do you think of the Nest Hub Max? Let us know below!

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