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Amazon Adds 8 New Devices to the Echo Lineup, Expands Smart Home Offerings

Amazon unveiled a host of new devices in this year’s Devices and Services Event as it made clear the smart home industry remains a top priority for its business. We summarize what’s coming soon to the Echo lineup.

Amazon Devices Event, the annual expo put on by Amazon to unveil new devices gives consumers a chance to learn about the latest innovations and ready-for-market products. A total of eight new Echo devices were announced.

Echo Studio

Amazon Echo Studio

Amazon says their new Echo Studio ($199.99) is the most innovative speaker they’ve ever built. With built-in 3D audio and Alexa microphones, the device promises to create a truly immersive audio experience by packing higher quality sound than previous models.  

Echo Dot with Clock

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

The fourth-generation Echo Dot ($59.99) appears to be turning into an alarm clock. It’ll show the time — plus add-ons like outside temperature and alarm countdowns — via a bright and vivid LED display on its side. You’ll also be able to tap the top to put it in snooze mode. 

The existing Echo Dot will continue on, but now you’ll have a choice between the two. It’s now available for pre-order.

Echo Flex

Amazon Echo Flex

Amazon’s tiny little Echo Flex ($24.99) is simply meant to add Alexa to any outlet. It plugs right into the wall and integrates with the rest of the Alexa ecosystem. You’ll be able to purchase plug-ins like smart night lights, motion sensors, and USB ports and have another access point to interact with Alexa.

Echo Show 8

Amazon Echo Show 8

If you prefer the camera shutter of the Echo Show 5 and the same 8-inch HD screen display of the Echo Show, then you can pre-order the new Echo Show 8 ($129.99). It’s highly viewable (even in sunlight) and was built with the same powerful audio as the Echo Show.

Echo Buds

Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon’s grand plan for the Echo Buds ($129.99) appears to be making them an Alexa-powered competitor to Apple’s Airpods. They come with noise reduction technology from Bose and are completely wireless. Amazon calls them the first wearable to offer customers completely hands-free Alexa on the go.

They’re available for pre-order today.

Echo Frames

Amazon is now testing the waters with a new pair of Alexa-enabled prescription glasses called the Echo Frames ($179.99). You hear Alexa through discrete microphones that let only you hear what she says rather than everyone around you.

In the announcement, they made a point to mention there’s no camera option to ensure security. They concluded by mentioning the release of a limited number of invite-only pairs to gather feedback before launching a full production plan.

Echo Loop

Amazon Echo Loop

Alexa is now literally at your fingertips. With Amazon’s new Echo Loop ($129.99), you’ll have a titanium ring packed with ways to stay on top of your day. The device comes with two microphones that activate when you hit a discrete button. Another feature they mentioned is a haptic engine that vibrates your finger when you receive a notification. They called it “a way to snack on information throughout your day.”

Like Echo Frames, Echo Loop is currently available as invite-only.

Echo Glow

Amazon Echo Glow

If you enjoy fun lighting to accompany your music or alarm clocks, Amazon’s new companion device Echo Glow ($29.99) has you covered. The Glow is a ball of blinking lights that change color cycles and follow the rhythm of your music. You can also set it to “campfire mode.”

It’s available for pre-order today

Photos courtesy of Amazon.

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