4 Things We’re Looking Forward to Before CEDIA 2020

We got a first-hand look at this year’s CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado. In this article, we discuss the 4 things we’re looking forward to post-show in the connected home industry.

This year’s CEDIA Expo, the yearly 3-day meetup for smart home industry pros, was packed full of exciting presentations, exhibitions and connections. CEDIA revealed a lot about the future of the connected home industry and where it’s headed in the next year. Here are the top 4 trends and innovations that we’re excited to see heading into the new year.

1. A Growing Industry

In an insightful TechTalk on the current trends in the smart home industry, CABA revealed key trends and growth projections gathered from the research organization’s 2019 Connected Home Roadmap. 

According to the presenter, there is a current market opportunity of $29.9 billion, which will skyrocket to an even greater $35.7 billion in 2020. 

CABA revealed that much of this short-term growth will be in smart home hubs, doorbells, locks and alarms, giving consumers more to look forward to and giving industry pros a glimpse at potential opportunities.

2. Greater Integration

Unlike many trade shows, it was clear that this year’s CEDIA was less about competition and more about bringing together new products, ideas and integration systems so that everyone wins, including the consumer. 

In their TechTalk, a Parks and Associates representative revealed key statistics about the growth of smart speaker technology, with about 25% of households having a smart speaker in the first quarter of 2018, a number that grew to 36% in the first quarter of 2019. If this number continues to grow at that rate, it’s likely that more homes will be connected than ever before within the next year. 

A growing number of new smart home products connect to these hubs, with “Amazon Alexa” and “Google Assistant” remaining as major buzzwords, allowing for a simple and streamlined integration process. 

3. Smarter Health & Safety

One key trend that gained a lot of traction at this year’s event was an emphasis on health and safety. 

Smart locks from Yale and August, video doorbells from Ring and DoorBird, plus a connected alarm panel from placed smart security front-and-center. 

A later TechTalk revealed how smart home tech brings greater health and wellness, including voice control for the elderly or disabled. These trends give greater meaning to the connected home industry, and we’re looking forward to seeing how new innovations can continue to transform lives.

4. All-New Innovations

CEDIA’s exhibition halls didn’t exclusively feature industry veterans, but also fresh faces with brand new ideas.

Innovation Alley, a section of the expo reserved for connected home companies that have been in business for under three years, revealed some exciting new products and services that we’re looking forward to getting our hands on. 

The first-ever “TechStarter Five” winners offered a brief glimpse into the top game-changers this year, with, Hero Labs, Artio Lifestyle Lighting, Caavo and SandTrap Audio serving as symbols of the incredible innovation that we’re seeing. We’re looking forward to monitoring their success over the next year and seeing which new companies enter the market by next year’s CEDIA Expo. 

Overall, 2019’s CEDIA Expo offered smart home industry pros and aficionados the opportunity to bring together this year’s newest innovations and ideas while connecting and reflecting on what’s to come. 

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with more information on these trends and companies in the coming months as they continue to make an impact on consumers’ lives.

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