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Amazon Announces New ‘Certified for Humans’ Program

Among Amazon’s newest announcements is a revolutionary update to the way everyday consumers interact with their smart home tech. Read on to learn more about how Amazon’s user-friendly ‘Certified for Humans’ program aims to make smart home setup simple.

At its annual hardware event in Seattle on September 25, Amazon announced the all-new ‘Certified for Humans’ program, which aims to make it easier than ever before for everyday Alexa users to create an integrated smart home setup. 

Aimed at connected devices like smart plugs, lights and small appliances, ‘Certified for Humans’ is a certification program that identifies Alexa-compatible devices that can be set up by even the newest of tech novices. All devices with this certification will be simple to set up and use, offering users a quick and convenient way to identify which Alexa-compatible devices can be integrated with ease, making the smart home setup process “struggle-free, tinker-free, and stress-free”. 

To achieve ‘Certified for Humans’ status, a product must have a frustration-free setup process, which includes sharing your Wi-Fi credentials with Amazon so you don’t need to remember and re-enter your password each time you want to set up a new device, building on the ‘frustration-free setup’ initiative Amazon announced last year. The device should also allow updates to happen in the background and, of course, be completely compatible with Alexa and its corresponding mobile app. 

According to studies conducted by the Continental Automated Buildings Association, one of the most common barriers to smart home technology adoption is installation, with 24% of respondents reporting that the installation process has influenced their decision to opt out of smart home tech. ‘Certified for Humans’ would change that, making it easy for consumers to specifically choose products they’re confident they can install in minutes without stress or headaches. 

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a smart home product and pushed the thought aside to avoid setup headaches, you’re not alone. Many consumers are intimidated by the phrase ‘smart home’, often conflating it with high-tech gadgetry. However, if you’ve been longing to turn your light bulbs, coffee maker, or oven smart, just look for the ‘Certified for Humans’ tag or view the list of certified products here. If these devices are as user-friendly as Amazon claims, you’ll be able to create a simple smart home without staring at a complicated user manual ever again.

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