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You Can Now Make Phone Calls With Google Home

It’s been over a week since Google announced it would be adding phone-free phone calls to your Google Home - regardless of which Google Home you have. We delve into what this could mean for users of Google smart speakers.

Being able to make phone calls from a smart speaker is a feature already available in both Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod products, and now, it’s finally available on Google Home as well.

Voice Calls Using Only Your Voice

Just over a week ago Google announced it would be adding phone-free phone calls to your Google Home – regardless of which Home you have. Up until now, it’s only been possible to make calls with other users using Google smart displays, like the Google Nest Hub, but this is the first time audio-only calls have been brought to Google’s line of smart home devices.

This new feature works using Google Duo, the name of Google’s video calling service released in 2016. Duo works using pre-existing phone numbers, so you’ll need a phone number tied to the Duo service in order to make calls using your Google Home.

For Australian users with Telstra as their mobile provider, you can make mobile calls using your Telstra phone number, no Duo app required. This feature was released shortly before Duo-calls were brought to the Google Home, so Google Home owners from down under have two options available for making calls with their smart speakers.

How To Make A Phone Call Using Google Home And Duo

Before you can make any phone calls with your Google Home, you first need to connect it to the Duo service. If you don’t yet have Duo on your phone, you can download it for free on Android and iOS. From there, all you have to do is enter and verify your phone number, give it access to your microphone, contacts, and camera, and you’re good to go!

Once you have Google Duo tied to your phone number, open the Google Home app and go to the Voice and Video Calls settings for your Google Home. After that, you can go to the Video and Voice Apps section and add Google Duo. Activate the toggles in Google Duo for making voice calls from your Google Home.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to start making phone calls with your Google Home using only your voice! You can start a phone call through simple requests like, “Ok Google, call Mom.” You can call businesses as well by saying, “Ok Google, call XYZ Restaurant.” To end a call, just say, “End the call,” at any time or tap your Google Home in a touch-sensitive area.

Making A Phone Call With Telstra

If you’re using Telstra instead of Google Duo to make phone calls with your Google Home, the process is a little different. Select the Menu icon in the top left corner, which looks like three short lines. From there, choose Home Control and then the “+” symbol.

Once you’ve done that, scroll through until you find Telstra Smart Home and select it. After that, log in to your Telstra account and follow the prompts until your Telstra account is linked to your Google Home. And that’s it! Phone calls with Telstra use all of the same voice commands as Google Duo.

More Ways To Call With Google Home

As mentioned before, it’s been possible to make phone calls with Duo on Google smart displays already, and that functionality hasn’t gone anywhere! It works exactly like voice calls, so as long as you have a smart display with a camera, you can use Duo to make video calls from around the house.

Google is also rolling out a new feature called Call Home to its smart speakers that allows users to call their Google Home devices from their smartphone. While access to this feature is still pretty limited, users who can use this feature can do so from the main screen of the Google Home app.

More Features On The Way!

Google is pushing hard to make their smart speakers as versatile as possible, and the new phone call capabilities are just one new feature in a line of many to come. Be sure to keep an eye out for all new capabilities coming to your Google Home products.

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