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How To Change Your Google Assistant’s Voice On Google Home

Though you may not have ever realized it, there are a number of different Google Assistant voices available for your Google Home. If you're ready to try out a new voice on your Google Home, here's how.

Most of the available voice options from Google Assistant are an assortment of generic men’s voices, different female voices, and different accents. Recently, cameo voices from celebrities like John Legend have been added to the library.

If you’re ready to experiment and try out a new voice on your Google Home, here’s how to do it.

How To Change Your Google Home’s Default Voice

Your default Google Assistant voices are named after colors, which can make choosing between them a little cumbersome. Just remember that the Red voice is the default voice.

There are two ways to change your Google Home’s voice:

The Quick Way:

To quickly change your Google Assistant’s voice to a cameo voice, just say, “Hey Google, talk like John Legend,” or “Talk like Issa Rae.” This will instantly change your assistant to one of these voices. To switch back to the normal Assistant (or to use any of Google’s standard voices) you’ll need to do things the less quick way.

The Less Quick Way:

Open the Google Home app and tap on Settings (the gear icon on the front page). Scroll down to the Google Assistant services section and tap More settings at the bottom of the screen.

On the next page, go to the Assistant tab at the top of the screen and tap Assistant voice. Here, you’ll see all of the different Google Assistant voice options, including the cameo voices (marked with a star). Just tap the voice you like and go back to the app’s front page!

Cameo Voices For Google Assistant

Cameo voices are the celebrity voice options for Google Assistant. As of this article, the only cameo options available are John Legend and Issa Rae. In contrast, Amazon’s smart speakers have added celebrity voices from actors like Samuel L Jackson. According to Google, both of these options are only available for a limited time, so you won’t be able to permanently change your Google Assistant to one of these options. That said, John Legend was added as an option back in April, so it’s unclear just how “limited” the limited amount of time really is.

It’s easy to tell that the celebrity voices for Google Assistant are a temporary feature. For example, they aren’t able to answer every command like your standard Google Assistant voice, but they do provide a familiar sense of amusement for your daily “Hey, Google” commands.

On the topic of amusement, each cameo voice has a few hidden easter eggs, which you can discover by asking specific questions. 

John Legend Easter Eggs On Google Home

The complete list of John Legend easter eggs (as far as we know, anyways) has already been released by Google, so if you don’t feel like figuring them out for yourself, you can check out their list.

The most obvious (and entertaining) easter eggs are of course related to getting the Legend himself to sing you a song. Getting Legend to sing is as simple as saying, “Hey Google, sing to me.”

You can also ask John Legend to tell you a joke, sing you Happy Birthday, or tell you his favorite song. Our favorite hidden easter egg, though, is asking him for his best pickup line. See if you can figure that command out without looking at the spoiler list. 

Issa Rae Easter Eggs On Google Home

Issa Rae (award-winning actress, writer, and producer) is the newest addition to Google Assistant’s cameos, having just been added in October of 2019. We don’t know all of her easter eggs yet since she was released so recently, but thanks to the tenacity of the internet, we do know a few.

If you need a little mid-week encouragement, you can ask Issa, “How do I look?” or, “Compliment me.” Other surprises include asking her to describe something awkward, tell you a joke, or share a secret.

Hopefully Google will release the full list of easter eggs before the cameo is up, but until then, the hunt is on. 

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