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SmartLDR is dedicated to keeping consumers updated with the latest guides, tips, news, and information on everything relevant to the smart home industry. We do this by providing helpful, straight-forward written and video content which is curated by a team of writers who are passionate about a connected home future.

TL;DR – We like writing about the smart home industry – and we hope you’ll find it useful.

Editorial Process

SmartLDR is created and managed by the team behind doqxD, which means we’re overseen by a group that knows a thing or two about the smart home space. This blog was created by doqxD to provide all smart home product owners (not just doqxD product owners), with helpful information that can make smarter living, well,–smarter. Our writers aim to inform and educate , and as a company, we promise to report accurate facts and unbiased content. We do not publish sponsored content or paid reviews, and remain free from all advertising or favorable depictions of one brand over another. The opinions of our writers do not necessarily represent the opinions of doqxD.

The SmartLDR Team

Our team of smart home aficionados follow all the latest smart home trends to keep you best-informed on the latest and greatest within the smart home universe.

Jaclyn Herrmann
Associate Writer

Location: Atlanta, GA
Writes about: Smart living (home decor, kitchens, appliances), Smart security, Smart locks, Smart lifestyle

I’m a writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Engaging, informative and concise content that makes an impact is my forte. An avid traveler, creator and adventurer, I’m always on-the-go and enjoy integrating my passions into my writing. My work has been published with a wide range of lifestyle brands and publications.

Justin Meredith
Associate Writer

Location: Austin, TX
Writes about: Google Home, Google Assistant-compatible devices

I’m a full-time writer and traveler based in Austin, Texas, who covers consumer and business tech. I use my background in computer science to break down concepts in emerging technology in a way that’s easy to understand and entertaining to read. I’ve covered topics like AI, IoT, AR/VR, automation, smart homes, and more. When I’m not behind the keyboard you can find me on the road, in the mountains, by the beach, or exploring the nearest downtown. 

Nina Chiang
Associate Writer

Location: Irvine, CA
Writes about: Smart fitness, Smart health, Smart music and sound, Smart lighting

Nina Chiang is a free spirited individual that loves to write about things that make people healthy, happy, and fun. In my free time, I enjoy horseback riding and wondering what I could do to make the world better. Above all else, music and dance feed my soul. 

Brooks Lockett
Associate Writer

Location: Savannah, GA
Writes about: Smart home industry news, Smart bath, Smart home installation/DIY

I’m a full-time writer based in Savannah, GA. I’ve always had a passion for words, and writing lets me pursue that passion while leaving plenty of room for travel, adventure and new experiences. I cover tech concepts and products that surround us on a daily basis. My work has included topics like B2B tech, software, VR/AR, E-Commerce and psychology of tech and has been in a broad range of different publications.

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